Revolutionizing value exchange.

Despite the ongoing digitalization of financial services, the actual value transfer itself has up until recently run on legacy rails only. We are changing that for our clients as we release our own native currency, Patidar digital asset, taking our first step toward the future of investing.

Patidar Coins

About Company

Patidar is one of the leading names with several industries under its hood. We are a well-known name in the FMCG industry, contract farming, real estate, Import-export, start-ups and the hotel and resort industry. After successfully leading several enterprises and working in all these industries, we are now releasing our own native currency, Patidar digital assets, taking our first step toward the future of investing. Our huge, loyal client base has the utmost trust in our products and services and is able to use these currencies for a range of transactional, operational, and investment goals. The future of payments lies in digital assets; this game-changing technology has the potential to completely change how we do business. Customers can buy packages of our coins and get money back when they exchange them. They may use these currencies whenever they choose, use them to pay for goods and services, and get payment based on the coin’s market value. By trading their currencies for our services, customers will get returns on their investments, all inside a loop that assures safe and secure transactions.

What is

Our Process

Digital assets


Patidar runs a number of prosperous businesses and is now allowing our clients to use all of our excellent services by investing in us using our simple internal native currency.

Asset acquisition


Customers may buy our currency coins in extremely lucrative bundles and be paid back when they exchange them and get the payment according to the coins' current value

Availing services


Customers may use these currencies anytime they want and pay for services with them. Clients can also avail services like digital asset custody and investment/trading.

Assured returns


By exchanging their currency customers will obtain assured profitable returns on their investments in the form of excellent services from our end. 

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About Our Successful Market

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What is

Our strengths:


Number of services

Clients can choose from a number of excellent services that we offer to utilise their currencies.


Excellent returns

Depending on the worth of the coins at the time or by using our services, clients will receive excellent returns for their money.


Attractive Packages

Our customers may pick from a variety of appealing and profitable packages.


Profitable investment

Because we run a range of prosperous businesses, our clients have a choice of profitable investment options to select from.


Customer satisfaction

We currently have a solid customer base that has the utmost confidence in our services thanks to years of industry-leading experience.


Trustworthy name

 Patidar is a well-known brand with a number of prosperous enterprises under its belt. We are trusted by clients for all our services and products.

Why Us

Because we concentrated on giving our customers the greatest service possible, we were successful in all of our endeavours. Our company’s slogan is “client happiness,” thus we created this chance to give our customers the best service possible. Our loyal customer base has led us to this point, and we’re committed to keeping our word and giving our customers only the best.

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