Is MetaTrader 4 Better Than MetaTrader 5? MT4 vs MT5 Verdict

Our MT4 vs MT5 comparison also found that both platforms facilitate real-time alerts. For example, you can create a custom alert that will notify you when an asset breaches a specific price or when volatility levels increase by a certain amount. Over on MT5, you will have access to slightly more built-in technical indicators at 38.

If you are interested in trading on either the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 then there are two account types you can choose from with Eightcap. Alternatively, you can also download our free demo trading account. The MetaTrader 4 software offers 9 timeframes; this ranges from the 1-minute timeframe to the monthly chart.

Market trade seems best to scalpers, traders who desire to perform high but full-risk trading because market depth boosts many people’s presentation. However, a trader can only get this function if a particular application strategy Tester is installed. The main difference between MT4 and MT5 lies in the type of assets they allow you to trade; while MT4 is mainly used for forex trading (currencies), MT5 will enable you to trade all assets. This makes it an ideal platform for those who are looking for more diversified options when it comes to their investments. Regarding charting tools, each platform offers around 80 technical metrics to help users understand market trends and make proper decisions. However, MetaTrader 5 received more modern charting tools, including 21-time frames (MetaTrader 4 has 9-time by comparison) and more graph objects.

The Metatrader platform is a powerful and intuitive trading system that has become one of the most popular choices for traders. It has been developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation, a software developer based in Russia, and is available for both desktop and mobile devices. The platform offers users access to various financial instruments, including stocks, options, futures, bonds, and commodities. Algorithmic trading is used by most traders to automate the process of trading and is just another tool that makes the lives of traders a lot easier. Even though both platforms have algorithmic trading, they execute it slightly differently. Both include execution on request, execution by market, and instant execution.

Direct Market Access

If you’re new to trading, or are simply interested in trading forex, MT4 is an obvious choice. If you’re more advanced and find use in the additional tools offered in MT5, nevertheless, this platform is certainly worth considering. People utilize it to speculate on the costs of major commercial markets, including Forex, goods, indices, and cryptocurrency. While MT5 is similar in this regard, it also includes a much more far-reaching range of capabilities and advanced trading features. MT5 was designed to make stock and futures trading easier by placing the tools these traders most often use upfront and center. MetaTrader 5 expands on many of the features offered by MetaTrader 4, which can make it more suitable for advanced traders looking for a wider range of analysis tools.

  • MT5 simply offers some additional features to traders and is not an update of the MT4 platform.
  • The platform has an intuitive interface; it is not overloaded with ample information, panels, and buttons.
  • MT5 also has an economic calendar built-in, whereas MT4 does not, which improves the global financial news functionality in the MT5 platform.

They have their individual programming languages, and therefore, they differ in capabilities that you can select according to the situation. MT4 is considered an option that one can quickly install and launch, as well as set up for themselves and start to utilize at once. The language is flexible, so you can develop simple constructions and complex-tusk programs able to perform multiple calculations and control individual parameters. MQL4 functionality includes tools for analyzing current and previous quotes; it has built-in capabilities for managing and controlling trading orders. It is expensive, there are many bots, the rating is formed according to unclear principles, the signal providers are not responsible to the investor.

Because these two trading platforms are so similar to each other, it is very hard to say which one is better while talking about MT4 vs MT5. Both MT4 and MT5 are powerful trading platforms that offer a wide range of features. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms. MT5 is a more powerful platform with better performance and support.

MetaTrader 4 vs MetaTrader 5

This means it provides a better framework for making and using trading robots and forex EAs. Neither platform is particularly user-friendly – as MT4 and MT5 are heavily focused on price action, charts, and technical indicators. As such, you will notice that there is a major difference between MT4/5 and popular retail trading platforms such as eToro or Robinhood. The main difference between MT4 and MT5 is in the trading purpose because MT5 is designed for trading all kinds of assets while MT4 is mainly for trading foreign currencies. Additionally,  they have different programming languages (MT4 uses MQL4 while MT5 uses MQL5).

MT5 also comes with its drawbacks, with it being harder to grasp for beginners. Both MT4 and MT5 are built on a custom programming language called MQL. MT4’s programming language is named MQL 4, and MT5’s programming language is creatively called MQ5. Learning how to use these programming languages will make you a more effective trader as it will allow you to unlock the full potential of electronic trading platforms.

Browse everything from additional indicators to trading robots, many of which are free to use. This makes it preferable for novice users or for those who would like to follow the existing strategies without any novelties and inventions. At the same time, MT5 seems to be a more complicated version but with a huge range of possibilities that seasoned users can benefit from. There are even indicators written in MQL4 and run in MT5 without changing the code.

If you want to become an advanced trader, you can develop your own indicators or add free custom tools. Everything added to MetaTrader 5 by the developers, you can add yourself to MetaTrader 4. If there is a difference between one-minute and two-minute timeframes for a scalper, for a day trader, there is no difference between the timeframes of M12 and M15 minutes. Besides, you can solve the problem of non-standard timeframes easily in MT4 by installing a script.

The trading platform is also known for its high-security standards. MT4 uses a 128-bit encryption scheme which is based on an algorithm with a digital signature. Buy stop is used by traders to buy an asset once the price reaches a specific higher level. Sell stop is applied to sell when the price reaches a specific lower level. You just right-click on the chart and adjust the settings from there.

To activate the standard period, you must right-click on the graph and choose «Timeframes». You must know you can solve the challenge of unusual periods in MT4 by adding a particular script. Are there some distinctions between the MT5 and the MT4 interface?

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